Summer 2004 -

* Clark is captured by Jor-El.
* Lex is poisoned by Lionel. (this is for sure in my fic) He recovers a month later.
* Lionel is sentenced to death and executed within a month.
* Chloe and Gabe die in an explosion.
* Jonathan is killed by Jor-El.
* Lana moves to Paris. (this time she will not be back)
* Pete is hunted down by Lionel's thugs and goes into Witness Protection. He is not seen again.

2007 -

* Jor-El succeeds in turning Clark. Kal is then released.
* Kal, using the cave's technology, contacts a group of Kryptonians that had left Krypton before it's sun went nova.

2008/2009 -

* The Kryptonians land and proceed to decimate the majority of Earth's population.
* The remaining humans are enslaved.
* Lex is the only Smallville resident left that knew Clark. He is the first to be 'sold'.

2017 -

The story begins...


Lex has been owned by the same Kryptonian man for almost ten years. But something happens that enrages his owner and Lex is taken to the Ruling house for execution.

When there Lex looks upon a familiar face and all he knows will change forever...

Warnings -

* Darkfic
* Rape (in first part only, so far)
* Abuse
* Slavery
* Shades of non-con

So, sound intriguing? At all?


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