Below is a collection of random, hilarious emails that have crossed the desk at work the past couple of weeks. I felt like sharing. So there you go.

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Hopefully I'll have some more fun stuff cross the desk this weekend. I've no idea where half this stuff comes from, but it never fails to get a laugh out of me.
Joined Twitter. I rarely update on lj, but I adore texting, especially short, random messages, so twittering is pretty perfect for that.

Lots has happened the past few months. Biggest thing is my decision to leave Everest and save up to move to Albany so I can go to school at Oregon State University. I'll have to start at the community college in Albany, get my AA there, before transferring to OSU, but I'm certain this will be a better, more fulfilling journey than two years at an expensive trade school whose credits won't transfer anywhere therefore rendering the possibility of getting an MBA pretty much impossible. Also, I can take awesome classes like Tai Chi. For credit, even. How cool is that?

Work is sucky as usual. Recently one of our housekeepers was caught prostituting herself in the back truck lot. Lord knows why. She drove an $80,000 car to work every night. Needless to say she was fired, but there's still an investigation in the works because it seems likely two of her coworkers, also housekeepers, may be involved, too. It's just utter nasty business that I sorely wish I knew nothing about, but the housekeeper who was caught worked on my shift during the weekend. Pretty much, I was her only supervisor. >.< Not that I'm responsible, but I felt pretty crappy for a couple days.

Fox and I are doing good, which sometimes still surprises me. Our one year is coming up next month. The distance has been good for us. Most especially me. I'm finally learning how to be a whole person outside of the relationship, rather than a half dependent solely on that other half. It's been very enlightening.

I'm going to be trying out yoga soon. I found a couple of dvds that look promising. I've been feeling very weighed down lately, mentally and physically, and exercise has always helped with that. Getting out to walk every day isn't always possible because of my work schedule, but I'm going to try that, too. Minimum of six and max of eight hours of sleep, get up to exercise, even if it's just a ten minute walk around the block, regardless of the time of night or day. I work three different shifts every week, so my waking and going to bed times vary drastically. I'm hoping that a regular waking routine at least will help stabilize me a bit more.

Outside of work and health stuff, I've been thoroughly enjoying my usual blend of books, music, tv and movies. Perhaps next time I'll expand on that. *grins* For now, bed. *hugs to all* Night.
After a week of being stuck at work, through snow and ice and absolutely freezing temperatures, through the disappointment of canceled trains, I have finally made it down to Albany to see Fox and his family. It's been a real eye-opener of an experience. Fox, Justin (his best friend), his two children, Chaos and Kahlan, Nichol (another friend of theirs) and her two children, Sativa and Ebin, all so happy, so content. It really gives me clarity into seeing how unhappy my life is. My living situation is less than perfect and definitely something I need to change soon. And work? *shakes head* If only I could take the chance of looking for something else right now. But jobs are scarce and right now I'm secure in what I have. I must keep it, but I think I definitely need to be on the lookout for something better.

I'll probably post again soon, but for now I wish all of you happiness and luck and everything you wish for in this holiday season. *hugs all*
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( Dec. 13th, 2008 12:43 pm)
Life has been very busy and very stressful as of late (you know, the last several months when most of you haven't heard from me? *sheepish*) but pretty good all in all. Work, school, school, work. Friends, family. (Thank *god* for them.)

I've pretty much worked myself nearly to death these last few months. I started having migraines every day, which led to the doctor, which led to the discovery that I'm anemic (the iron deficient kind, hence the constant exhaustion) and vitamin D deficient (levels should be at *least* 30 - they were 14 - hence the migraines). I'm on a strong regimen of vitamins and minerals and the like, and have greatly improved over the last couple of weeks. Vacation is in less than two weeks, so a nice break from work, and a well deserved and needed visit with the boyfriend.

Anyway... I was browsing around lj and found a very positive meme on [ profile] roxymissrose's lj. I wasn't tagged to do it, but I thought, what the heck? I could use more positive in my life. So here goes...

Here's the deal:
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for a week without fail.
3. Tag 8 of your friends to do the same.

Quite a few things made me happy today (or yesterday as I work grave, so my days are screwy).

~Fox called out of the blue to share his celebration of completing his first term with three A's out of four classes.

~Two of my favorite guests at the hotel were both in house last night, so I got great big hugs from them both, which was awesome. *beams* I love me my boys.

~I'm finally getting over the cold that laid me out this week and I suffered *no* head pain at all. *cheers*

~My mom sent me an awesome birthday card and enclosed a gift card to my favorite store. (I'm forcing myself not to head to said store now because I work tonight so I must sleep soon.)

I have no idea if anyone is still reading my journal, so pretty much, if you wanna do this meme, do. *shrugs, grins*

Signing off. Hopefully it won't be that long till next time.
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( Sep. 3rd, 2008 02:33 pm)
Last summer at work I put in approximately forty-four hours of overtime over a period of four weeks. This summer I didn't put in nearly as much, but I worked eleven days straight, while going to class in between. *pauses* It's hard to tell which summer experience is worse, though last summer resulted in more money.

Fox left for Corvallis yesterday. Surprisingly, I'm really okay with it. I'm just utterly bored atm. Hee. He stayed with me for nearly a month before heading down, so I've gotten quite used to having his company. He's coming up for Christmas (yay!) and he's willing to at least be open to the possibility of an 'us' in the future, so things are looking pretty damn good. I'm hoping to hear from him once he gets settled in. I swore (to myself) that I'd give him a week before bugging him. He's onto the next new adventure and that's gonna be distracting as hell, I'm sure. *grins* He left me with a few things of his that I liked/wanted, plus we got pics taken at one of those photo booth things on Monday (we both look like dorks, but *happy* dorks), and he bought me a little stuffed fox as a surprise, which I adore. Now all I have to do is figure out exactly what I used to do with my days before we started dating... O.o

I've started reading a new book series, thanks to Fox and his best friend. It's called The Sword of Truth by Terry Goodkind. The first book is Wizard's First Rule and it's definitely not my usual type of story. Generally I don't do D&D type scifi/fantasy adventure stories, but I've been having a lot of trouble putting this one down. Heh. In fact, my gaze keeps straying to it while I type this up. Guess it's time to go read a few dozen more chapters. Ta!
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( Aug. 18th, 2008 10:10 pm)
Does anyone know how to save a file in Excel so it has a preview image? Supposedly there's a way to do that, so when you are in the open file dialog box and you click on the file name you can see an image of the file before you open it. I cannot for the life of me figure it out and Excel help has been less than helpful.
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( Aug. 18th, 2008 03:44 am)
Haven't written in months upon months. But for some reason while messing with our magnet poetry stuff on the fridge, I started a poem. It makes no sense, is more imagery than anything else, but eh, it's kinda cool, I like, so I share.

Ink black night
Silent wings fly
Dragons will ride

Crashing white falls
Vivid red walls
Dragons will call

Star blue snow
Moon bright glow
Dragons will know
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Try out this Meme

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One vicodin, four shots of tequila, one shot of jack, two shots of peach schnapps mixed with sprite and a nipple piercing over a period of three hours.


Guess you could say I'm flying high tonight.

Thank god I'm getting over that whole depression/anxiety/must cut or else phase. Though, I have a feeling in the morning, I'm going to be *really* glad I don't have to go to work.

*winces* The piercing flipping *HURTS*.

*grimaces* Also, Fox is going to fucking *kill* me.

ETA: Never mind the comment about Fox. *blushes bright red* Killing? So not what he has in mind. *hides*
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( Apr. 23rd, 2008 03:22 pm)
Totally and shamelessly gakked from [ profile] p33ner cuz it looked likes lots of amusing fun.

You Press the Raijahn, We Do the Rest.

Enter a word for your own slogan:

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Plus I got:

"Something Special In The Raijahn"

"Dude, You're Getting a Raijahn!"

"What's In Your Raijahn?"

"It's Not All Raijahn, Raijahn, Raijahn, you know."

"How Do You Eat Your Raijahn?"

Jebus Criminy, some of these are dirty. o.O
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Hmmmm, let's think about this. *ponders*

Famous, famous, famous.

Oh! I know.

My writing. *nods* I would love to be famous for writing the hottest vampire porn with plot stories out there. Hee. I'd also like to be famous for writing major angsty Greg/Nick fic, but that'll never happen cuz everyone knows they're both straight and would never do any of the things I make them do in my stories. Right? Right.
*snickers* My nephew is in rare form today. He's hitting everyone who picks him up, trying to put anything and everything he can find in his mouth, regardless of what it is or where it's been, and mama is the only person he wants. He was uber happy to see me, which rocked, but he kept hitting me in the face, the little brat. Hee. He got put in time out for a bit and it just escalated from there. He's eight months going on two years at this point.

*wonders how bad it'll be when he actually hits those terrible twos* O.O
Conversation between me and two security guards, RH and RZ, who's only been around for a few weeks.

Me: (to RZ) Okay, this is driving me nuts, wondering. Do you have a sister named Amber?"

RZ: ""

Me: "Cuz damn, you look *just* like her."

RH: "Dude! You look like a *girl*!"


B, another security guard, and RH are absolute pros at adopting the whole flaming gay/drag queen lisping voice and facial expressions. They do it all the time at work and even once got talked to by their supervisor because someone in another department accused them of dating and being all lovey dovey while on shift. A couple of weeks ago, when RZ and B were both on shift, I asked B if he'd introduced RZ to his drag queen persona. B goes, 'oh, yeah' and then just starts spouting off in that voice. I started laughing, of course, and looked over at RZ to gauge his reaction. He looked at me, then looked at B, and proceeded to 'freak out' in an even better imitation of a drag queen. I nearly fell over I was laughing so hard.


Today RZ was trying to explain to me how if I crush up my vicodin (major bad toothache) and put it under my tongue it'll get into my system faster. I just grimaced and said, "gross". Then he leans in close and says, "You could also use it as a suppository" and tries to explain why it would work. I shook my head and replied, "I know all about suppositories" refering to my stint in school to be a pharm tech. He got this weird out look on his face and then says in his femmy voice, "I don't really want to know about what goes on between you and Fox behind closed doors."


Sometimes I hate my job, but I love the people I work with. *snickers*
Had a dream I met Eric Szmanda, this is all I remember -

Me: "I write stories about Greg and Nick. Sometimes they boink."

Eric: "That's cool." *pauses* "Sometimes George and I boink."

Me upon waking up: "..."
Okay, here it all is - Marathon. Have fun, let me know what you think, and most of all ENJOY! *grins*
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( Apr. 12th, 2008 01:43 pm)
I think I'm getting just as sick as everyone else with the whole weekly updates thing on a fic that's actually completed, so, I'm going to post the rest of it all in one go (though, possibly multiple posts) and just let ya'll have at it. That way, you guys can enjoy the rest of Marathon in peace, and I can work on getting the third story done. I'm going to post all the chapters to What Makes the Desert Beautiful and link back to it here and on [ profile] csi_slash. The only other place I'll post it is on [ profile] tfaro cuz that's where I'm storing all the chapters to all three stories. So, yeah, give me about half an hour or so, and I'll post again with the links. Ciao!
Posting late Wednesday, instead of Thursday, because knowing me I'll wake up late again and not have time before work. >.<

Fandom: CSI
Author: Raijahn
Title: The Fall and Rise Of: Marathon
Case: Cold
Pairing: Greg/Nick
Rating: NC-17
Category: angst, drama, hurt-comfort, romance, first time, futurefic
Warnings: bdsm, bloodplay
Spoilers: High and Low; Play With Fire; Grave Danger; Gumdrops; Kiss-Kiss, Bye-Bye; Spellbound
Summary: Sometimes you have to fall before you can fly.
Disclaimer: I own nothing but my ability to write, my random ideas, and the very few original characters I created solely for the boys I *don't* own to play with. I also make no profit from this. Though, wouldn't that be great?

(Author’s Notes)

Newly edited versions of the first story, Vegas, can be found here - [ profile] tfaro at its own special little journal. – and here at What Makes the Desert Beautiful. You can also find previous parts of Marathon at both places.

Music: Cold by Crossfade
Word Count: 2722

Cold )
Smallville is crack, crack I tell you.

That is all.
Does anybody on my loverly flist know of tools that can be used to develop original characters? I have two for sure characters, and three possible maybes, that need some serious work. Any tool would be helpful. Thanks!
Me, Rae, Kaleb and Rae's sister Ash were all in the bedroom last night. Kaleb was crawling around, and then stopped and proceeded to spit up on the floor. I opened my mouth to tell Rae and ask where the baby wipes were, but before I could get more than her name out of my mouth the puppy licked it all up. *shudders*

(This so appeals to my dark side) Ash has a 'stalker' who likes to text her and not tell her who he/she is. Rae said to tell the person this - If you don't stop texting me, I'm going to hunt you down and rip out your still beating heart and smash it into the ground just for the fun of it. *pauses* I'm pretty sure she *didn't* sent anything that graphic, but whatever she *did* send stopped the text messages.

Which leads me into the story of *my* sister's stalker, from about six years ago -

Trish:(on phone) "Hello?"
Stalker: "Hey."
Trish: "Who's this?"
Stalker: "Your stalker!"
Trish: (super excited voice) "Really?! I have a stalker?! That's so cool!"
Stalker: "..."
Trish: "Well, if you're stalking me, then what do I look like?"
Stalker: "...I don't know."
Trish: *huffs* "Well, then you're not a very good stalker, are you?" *hangs up*

The End