My therapist taught me over a year ago to recognize when I have a good day, to cherish and genuinely enjoy those few moments when I can honestly say 'I'm happy'.

Today has been a fantastic day.

In seven days it will be a year since I last picked up a blade. Today marks the longest I have ever gone without cutting.

I've broken through the writer's block that has had me in its grip for over a year.

It's beautiful and sunny and I actually spent time outside in it, rather than hiding in my room.

I stopped biting my nails. This makes me happy because I can now afford the acrylics I so love.

The future still looks dark and treacherous, but I can finally see the glimmer of hope that's been missing in my life.

Here's to more days like this. Cheers!

(cross-posted to dreamwidth, I'm raijahn over there)
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