My therapist taught me over a year ago to recognize when I have a good day, to cherish and genuinely enjoy those few moments when I can honestly say 'I'm happy'.

Today has been a fantastic day.

In seven days it will be a year since I last picked up a blade. Today marks the longest I have ever gone without cutting.

I've broken through the writer's block that has had me in its grip for over a year.

It's beautiful and sunny and I actually spent time outside in it, rather than hiding in my room.

I stopped biting my nails. This makes me happy because I can now afford the acrylics I so love.

The future still looks dark and treacherous, but I can finally see the glimmer of hope that's been missing in my life.

Here's to more days like this. Cheers!

(cross-posted to dreamwidth, I'm raijahn over there)

From: [identity profile]

That is a remarkable accomplish and a wondrous thing to celebrate. Good for you, and may there be many more good days than bad ahead. *hugs*

From: [identity profile]

Hey babe! Returning the 'hey' you sent through my hubby.

Also saying congrats on all fronts (though for some reason I'd thought I'd read you'd gone either 23 or 30 days but that could have been with something else).

Did you reach a break through with the characters? What're you writing?

From: [identity profile]

And the future only looks how you choose to see it. Still wish you lived closer so we could hang when you felt dark and gloomy :(


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