12:02 huh. my shoes now look as though I walked through blood. creative self expression or a manic crazy episode? #

13:07 muse is genius. hysteria is brilliant. why am i not inspired to write yet? #

13:19 knot of anxiety in her stomach... #

13:19 hope and fear merging in her blood... #

13:20 a second that lasts for eternity as she waits for the girl to turn... #

13:20 waits to see if it's *her*... #

13:20 lost, torn... #

13:20 between the possibility and the promise. #

21:47 the time to get up and get ready for work always comes way too early on saturdays. #

22:25 and the night goes from bad to worse. can i go home now? #

01:11 awesome news: leverage comes to my town to film their second season. so cool to have one of my fave shows filming here. #

05:18 two more hours. *yawn* could this night drag any longer? wait. dont answer that. #

07:13 curried vegetables and homemade tortillas. sometimes the simplest fare is the best. bless kiran's heart. #

10:43 people always try to get ahold of me when i do the day sleeping thing, then when i *dont* have to go to sleep, no one's around. *grumbles* #

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